Dine Around 2019

$35.00 options

 Appetizer Choice of    Soup of the day, tossed or Caesar salad

                                   Entree   Choice of          Hunters Schnitzel served with a mushroom hunters sauce

                                Chicken Schnitzel ham, brie and tarragon sauce

                               Oscar Schnitzel crab asparagus and hollandaise

Eggplant parmesan

Choice of dessert


$45.00 options

                                  Appetizer choice of       Mussels and escargot, fried brie,

      coconut prawns or crab cakes 

Entrée Choice of      2 fish – salmon and halibut wrapped in phyllo pastry served                                                                                                  with a pineapple salsa and fish velouté sauce

10oz NY striploin  blue cheese and demi glace

Fresh grilled snapper ginger fried prawns in oyster sauce

Choice of dessert